Morning outing 1/6/19

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After a rare windless storm last night, I felt obligated to check conditions. It isn’t that often we get 8-10” of dry snow over here without wind. However, I knew that 120 mph ridge top winds were forecasted for this afternoon as the next system moved in. Taking advantage of the clear and calm window I opted for a nearby locale just 5 minutes from the house.

At 1100 meters (3600’) of gain it’s a bit of a climb though moderate by Eastside standards. But it gives one a couple hours of thinking time ya know? And in the early morning light I could see the autos traveling north on the highway below. Many undoubtedly going up to the “mountain” where they will drop several hundred dollars for lift tickets and such. To chase each other around the bull wheel and join in the feeding frenzy of the morsels of untracked powder. To each his own I though as my father would often say. I turned my head back up slope, happy to again be alone, shin deep in wilderness.