Thinking about the Sony a6000

First let me say that I'm no photo gear head and this is the first test I've ever performed. So if anyone one has any testing suggestions, suggest away. These comparison images are between the Canon 5dII 24-105L @45mm and Sony a6000 30mm macro. The test for me (for now) is simply a matter of IQ (image quality).

The test images are both shot RAW at 1/200 @ f8 and AWB (auto white balance). Processed thru adobe DNG and LR. LR used my standard pre-set sharpen of 70/1.5/10. and cropped at 100%

First I noticed a rather dramatic difference in exposure which I can only assume is my well used 5d shutter is lagging, so for comparison I punched the exposure up 1.5 in LR.

Next is the obvious difference in color rendition. I felt that the Sony was green and I think this shows that. I adjusted the WB in LR to Daylight (5500/+10) for both and there is still quite a difference.

Viewed at 100% the Sony clearly has less noise but the Canon has slightly more detail. The latter could easily be the difference between a $1000 lens and a $250 lens. Note that at 100% the sony image is slightly larger. Even though the sensor is smaller, it has more pixels hence a larger file size.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 8.03.29 AM.png